Jennifer Giersbrook is a designer with over 20 years of experience. Having worked as a stylist for much of her career she recently turned to pursue her hobby and passion of interior design into a full time profession.

Born in the 60s, she was influenced by design around her at an early age and she continues to use this period as the bedrock of her concepts along with many different eras and styles.

She developed an obsession with collecting vintage furnishings and fashion during many years of living in London, New York, and Los Angeles, where she now lives and works. The obsession led to the discovery of her forte, “Gathering great pieces, whether furniture or clothing, and throwing a room or outfit together with an alluring outcome became instinctual.” Most recently, the glamour of Hollywood can be seen in her work, along with slick mid century and rustic-industrial and contemporary influences.  

But despite her inherent inspirations, titling Jennifer’s aesthetic is not important to her—“I’m bored of the word eclectic.” One could describe it as glamour with an edge, or bursting with visual stimulus. But the truth behind her work is simpler. It’s the belief that a room must engage you emotionally with its authenticity and tell an intriguing story.

Her abiding love of furniture, fabric, flowers and lighting comes together to create impactful narratives across interiors. She curates each element to produce something beyond just beautiful rooms. Jennifer's works are immersive environments that inspire.